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Welcome to Save-Our-Wolves


Note: You do not have to role play if you join. This is not a wolfaboo group. We are just a collection of people who support the prosperity of wolves and enjoy making fantastical animal characters. In fact, the population of grey and European wolves has been gradually increasing and they are no longer severely endangered. We've gotten plenty of messages from people who confuse this group's purpose as an ignorant, childish, uninformed gathering of people. So please, it is much appreciated if you don't blame us for things we do not propose. Thank you!

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Information on our group: how to roleplay, where to roleplay, and much more.

~Ancient Wolf Legends~

Member Lists
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Woodpelt's Pack: Mysterious and kind.The middle pack - Some wolves are nice and some are mean. Territory: Closest to the River. Mainly plains but partly light forest near it's southwest side. Main Prey: Water Buffalo, Deer, Bison, Fish. Danger: River flooding

Natalie's Pack: Helpful and accepting. They are known for their care and kindness. Noble and strong, yet they do not enjoy fighting. Territory:Lush forest. Closely bordering a human village. Main Prey: Elk, Moose, Deer, Carribou. Danger: Humans

Kio's Pack: Corrupt and greedy. Due to their location, these wolves are always trying to expand their large territory. They love battle and are never to be trusted. Territory: Just beyond the mountains, owning nearly all of the northwest rocky area and a sliver of forest. Main Prey: Large cats, rabbits, bison, rodents/reptiles Danger: Demons from the mountains

Lone Wolves/Rogues: These wolves can be found anywhere. Some may join packs, some may try to destroy them, while others may try to form new ones.

Mates: In reality, only alphas mate. In SOW, we allow all wolves to mate. Remember - Spring is mating season.

Freestyle RP Areas
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Woodpelt's Territory: The southwest river and plains. Usually warmer here.

Natalie's Territory: The northeast forest. Close to humans.

Kio's Territory: The northwest rocky area. Usually colder here.

The Mountains: A dangerous place just northwest of Kio's territory. Demons, loners, and mountain lions are the main predators. Watch out for falling rocks and walk carefully on the narrow ledges. Sharp-tipped rocks litter the ground. Dark mountain lies here.

Sky Stone: A large, flat slab of brown-black granite where the packs meet each full moon. Wolves often visit here to speak with Sun and Moon pack. There is an ancient legend that describes how the slab came to be. [read "Sun and Moon Pack" legend]

Thorn Fields/Crystal Cave: Southeast of the wolf packs lies a vast tall-grass field filled with thorn bushes. According to a story, it takes an entire moon to reach a special cave, called Crystal Cave. Inside, one will find walls lined with the clearest crystals, as well as a glistening pool that seems to be liquid stars. If one drinks from this pooo, then they shall be granted a mythical power directly from Sun and Moon Pack. Beware the spirit that guards the cave - for it can convince you to turn back. [read "Crystal Cave" legend]

Trading Route: An old winding dirt path created by humans from long ago. The path is now used as a barter system by wolves to aquire items and prey. Kio's pack mainly uses it, due to their harsh living environment.
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One of our old packs has created their own group.
[ SpiritWolfPackRP ]

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We accept affiliation requests from these types of groups:

~Endangered Creature

A few examples:
:iconthe-da-wolf-pack: The-dA-Wolf-Pack A Pack that howls together :iconhowlforwolves: HOWLFORWOLVES Help Our Wolves Live :iconhappy-adopts: Happy-Adopts :iconiloveanimals: ILoveAnimals The club for animal-lovers :iconwolfcreations: WolfCreations Wolf/canine artists :iconwolf-things: Wolf-Things AROOOO! Howl to be free! :iconallanimalsadopts: AllAnimalsAdopts Find Your New Best Friend! :iconwolvesoflengendsrp: WolvesofLengendsRp :iconallwolvesallowed: AllWolvesAllowed :iconcanines-unite: Canines-Unite United We Howl! :iconadvertise-meh: ADvertise-MEH All art accepted - No limits! :iconsave-the-cheetah: Save-The-Cheetah S.O.S. Save Our Spots! :iconall-things-wolves: All-Things-Wolves Come Join The Pack... :iconanimal-comics-base: Animal-Comics-Base Over 40 animal comics! :iconmeme-station: MEME-Station Fill these empty Art Memes


RP Character Fill-Out Reference Sheets. Click here.

Save-Our-Wolves Known Lands Map 2013 by WolfPawCreator

Role Play Events Board


Prey Amount: Very Scarce
Weather: Freezing temperatures, frequent snowstorms, heavy snowfall
Current Natural Disasters/Diseases: Snowstorms are common

:bulletred::bulletgreen:Woodpelt Pack: The river water has frozen and it is hard to catch food. ::: Woodpelt's mate, Snowflake, is expecting pups in spring, however she is weak in this winter weather

:bulletred:Natalie Pack: Many of the pack members are growing ill and many fear it may lead to blackcough.

:bulletred:Kio Pack: Wolves are starving due to a terrible lack of healthy food.

:bulletblack:Sun and Moon Pack: Death will be common and snow will rule the lands.

Bullet Key:

Large colored text (Save-Our-Wolves, Pack Member Lists, etc.) were created on All rights reserved.
Everything on, in, or relating to this group is under the ownership and copyright of DeviantArt and the Admins.




Save-Our-Wolves is currently being updated.
We will return soon with chat rooms, events, and a better backstory.
This will take some time, so bear with us (or wolf with us, for all that matter).
Hope is not lost - Thank You!
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Hey everybody, I was given permission to post this here.

If anyone is looking for a cool, distinct roleplay site, you should check out Wild Reign. The site is owned by Kay Fedewa (creator of the Blackblood Alliance) and has several friendly staff and members. It is a semi- realistic, primarily wolf roleplay forum, but do allow any and all species, from whales to butterflies as well as humans. There is no character limit, and you can have fantastical colors on your characters pelts if you so choose. Unlike most forums, Wild Reign has and supports the creation of unique, intricate and creative user-made packs. More than just the "Alpha", "Beta" and the whole drop down list, all the packs have distinct ranks and even cultures all their own. Currently pack applications are open, though they will close tomorrow! December 31st. We accept all levels of roleplay skill, from beginner to advanced and don't discriminate-- and if you ever need help with your posts, our members are more than happy to help you--! And currently, Kay has granted permission for us to put her characters from the Blackblood Alliance up for adoption, you can tryout and play on one the forum, like Swiftkill or Riptide! 

Come check us out!
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